Allows uploading a file to a locker. The lockerPut call is performed using an HTTP "PUT" request. Locker storage calls use a different API URL than locker data calls. See the API URL's page for more information. Valid file types to upload are mp3, m4a, mp4, ogg, flv


sid (required): A valid session id, received from the "login" method.
partner_token (required): A valid partner token. See Overview for more information.

file key (required): An MD5 hash of the file to upload. Note the file key is not part of the query string, but rather part of the URL. See the examples below

HTTP Header Parameters

Metadata provided in the headers will override any detected in the uploaded file.

X-Original-Filename (optional): Original filename of the file (UTF-8 Encoded).
X-MP3tunes-CRC (optional): CRC 32 of the file. Will verify against uploaded file if present.
X-MP3tunes-Artist-Name (optional): Artist Name.
X-MP3tunes-Album-Title (optional): Album Name.
X-MP3tunes-Track-Title (optional): Track title.
X-MP3tunes-Track-Number (optional): Track number.
X-MP3tunes-Year (optional): Release year.

Example Request:<file key>?output=xml&sid=<sid>&partner_token=9999999999

Example Response:

Response Formats

Responses for locker storage calls are in the form of HTTP headers rather than XML or JSON. A successful call to lockerPut will return an HTTP status code of 200. An unsuccessful call to lockerPut will return an appropriate HTTP error code (401, 404, etc.) and contain an error message in the "X-MP3tunes-ErrorString" response header.

Error Codes for "X-MP3tunes-ErrorNo" response header:

400002 - MD5 Mismatch
401002 - Invalid Session
401003 - Not Authorized
401005 - Invalid Partner Token
403001 - Empty File Encountered
403002 - File Format Unsupported (also 415001)
409001 - CRC doesn't match provided.
413001 - Maximum filesize exceeded.
413002 - Locker Full
415001 - Unknown File Type (also 403002)
500001 - Problem Saving File
503001 - Service Unavailable