Music Locker Partners

Just some of the ways that Music Locker subscribers can now enjoy their own music everywhere, thanks to our various device, software, and content partners.

Mobile Devices


Play your Locker music on the go wirelessly through your iPhone or iPod touch with the FREE Airband app.


Stream your Locker music on your Google Android phone! Search the Android Market for MP3tunes to get the free (beta) app.

Palm WebOS

Now you can enjoy your Locker music in your Palm, too! Two different free apps from which to choose.

Windows Phone 7

Now you can enjoy your Locker music in your Palm, too! Two different free apps from which to choose.


Access your Music Locker on your Windows Mobile capable phone with Select Radio 4.0! (Music API Challenge winner).


Got mobile? Try this simple interface on your web-capable mobile phone to stream your Music Locker collection. Try it out at

Home Electronics


The Roku Digital Video player lets you easily stream high-quality music from your MP3tunes Locker, along with popular video channels.

Acoustic Research/RCA

Cool Internet radios connect wirelessly to a world of music as well as tunes from your Locker. And check out the attractive and economical line of MP3 players!.


Enjoy your Locker music and the world of Internet radio wirelessly on a variety of exciting Squeezebox™ players, including the new color-screen Squeezebox™ Radio and Squeezebox™ Touch.


Play music from your Locker on the 2012-model network-capable receivers from Onkyo - the first AV receivers with cloud music capability.


Wirelessly stream music or video from your Locker to your home entertainment system with economical USB solutions from EZAir.

Grace Digital

Over 10,000 stations and music from your Locker in a stylish and attractively–priced radio. Powered by Reciva.


Avox INDIO radios let you enjoy music from your Locker as well as thousands of net radio stations. Powered by Reciva.

Tangent Quattro

Clean, retro lines and dials make enjoying net radio and your Locker simple and pleasurable. Powered by Reciva.

OXX Digital

Award–winning, high–quality designs for enjoying your Music Locker and a world of Internet radio. Powered by Reciva.


Versatile line of home entertainment devices feature Internet radio, iPod compatibility as well as streaming from your Music Locker. Products include NOXON 2 radio for iPod.


Turn your TiVo into a music machine — use your remote to browser and play your Music Locker through your home stereo. (TiVo Series 2 and newer)

Playstation 3

Not just for games! Enjoy your Music Locker on your PS3 with the PS3musicplayer, one of the winning entries in our Music API Challenge.


Enjoy your Music Locker playlists on the innovative game system that’s taken the world by storm. (Music API Challenge winner).


Oh boy! You’ll really want a Chumby personal internet player once you hear your own Locker streaming your music wirelessly! (Music API Challenge winner).

Car Devices


The Clarion MiND is a unique portable GPS unit for your car featuring exclusive integration with the MP3tunes Locker.

Other Partners


iRadeo is an all-in-one audio streaming solution for radio stations, podcasters, musicians, music fans, promoters and music labels. Start your custom online radio station


Great classical music in high-quality MP3 format, including complete works for only 99¢.

Eclipse Environment

Yes, we really mean “your music everywhere!” Browse and listen to your Locker from within the Eclipse Java development platform. (Music API Challenge winner).