Developer Resources


MP3tunes offers several open APIs for anyone to create cool apps and device access to the MP3tunes Locker. Sync and stream music and videos kept safely online "in the cloud".


  • MP3tunes Media API - Sync, browse and stream music and video from a Locker to any device, desktop or web app.
  • Load2Mobile API - Send music and video files to any mobile phone.
  • LockerLoad API - Let customers of your music downloads opt for the Locker when they buy.

How to get started:

  1. Create a free locker or login if you already have one.
  2. Grab a partner token.
  3. Read the documentation.
  4. Join in the developer forums.


Many users have already created their own applications using the MP3tunes API. Below is source
code of real working apps to help guide you beyond stale documentation-style examples.

Mobile Devices
  • iPhone: Source code for the MP3tunes iPhone Application.
  • Android: Source code for the MP3tunes Android Application.
  • WebOS: Source code for the MP3tunes WebOS Application.

Media Devices
  • Tivo: An interface created using Java to access a locker through your Tivo.
  • WiiTunes: An interface created specifically to access a locker through the Nintendo Wii. Created using a combination of HTML, Javascript, Flash and PHP.

Desktop Software

Featured implementations

Mobile Devices - Music and video on-the go! See all the mobile options.
Home Electronics - Your Locker music in any room of your house with cool net radios. And check out all the other devices.
Game Consoles - Browse and listen to your playlists on your Nintendo Wii. See all the game devices.
Web Apps - Change up your music player with cool options like Amarok. See more players.
Online Stores - Put digital music purchases directly in a Locker - add Express Listening to your store!


Earn referral commissions for each Premium Locker purchase by adding simple code to your website to let your customers send songs to their phones or into their own secure Locker. Here's how:

  1. Read and sign the Affiliate Agreement
  2. Contact us to indicate your agreement and include your name, email address, phone number, address of your site and a brief description of your business. We'll reply quickly when you're approved for the affiliate program. Shared revenue percentage is negotiable, based on the quality and volume of referrals resulting in paid Premium Locker signups.
  3. Add a partner token to your Locker account, so your referrals are properly tracked.
  4. Follow the simple steps to add MP3tunes code to your pages and you're set!
  5. Add MP3tunes logos to your site or application.