The term "locker load" is a variation on the concept of "sideloading" as pioneered by MP3tunes on sideload.com, where a file is not downloaded and/or uploaded, but rather sideloaded directly from one Internet location to another -- namely into an MP3tunes Music Locker.

To avoid confusion with sideload.com, where all tracks are publicly accessible by others, the term "locker load" refers to the process of transferring content directly into a user's locker without making that content available publicly. This locker load process is implemented as a means to transfer a user's personal music -- that which has just been purchased from an online music retail site, for instance -- directly into an MP3tunes music locker.

Examples used in the document will assume the scenario where a user has purchased tracks from an online retailer, and then will transfer those tracks into an MP3tunes locker.

Document Revision History

  • 2007-06-01 - Document created
  • 2008-02-25 - Updated with advanced m3u Locker Load options for playlists and album art